Battles Won
Mission Mission requirements Points Award Secret?
Let battle commence Win 3 fights 5PTS 3 Credits No
No more Mr. Nice Guy Win 10 fights 10PTS Card or 1 credit No
Keep it going Win 25 fights 15PTS 50 BP No
Allergic to defeat Win 50 fights 20PTS Card No
Give yourself a pat on the back Win 100 fights 25PTS 500 Clintz No
Nothing can stop you now Win 500 fights 35PTS 25 Tickets No
Superstar Fighter Win 1000 fights 50PTS 1000 Clintz No
Elite Player Win 2500 fights 120PTS Large No

Large prize at random:

1) 2000 clintz
2) Rare card
3) 15 credits

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