Mission Mission requirements Points Award Secret?
Brutal eye-opener Win 1 fight through knock-out 5PTS 25 BP Yes
A sense of theater Win 5 fights through knock-outs 10PTS 5 Tickets Yes
The public goes wild Win 10 fights through knock-outs 15PTS Card/1 Credit Yes
Blood-spattered popularity Win 50 fights through knock-outs 20PTS 200 Clintz Yes
Hero of the masses Win 250 fights through knock-outs 25PTS 500 BP Yes
Urban Legend Win 1000 fights through knock-outs 90PTS 10 Credits Yes
God of Fighting Win 2500 fights through knock-outs 250PTS 10 Credits Yes
Little bruiser Inflict 50 Damage 5PTS 25 BP/20 clintz No
Part-time thug Inflict 150 Damage 10PTS 50 Clintz No
Trainee slaughterer Inflict 400 Damage 20PTS Card No
Confirmed eradicator Inflict 1000 Damage 30PTS 10 Tickets Yes
Systematic Bone Crusher Inflict 5000 Damage 45PTS 5 Credits Yes
Radical Annihilator Inflict 10000 Damage 60PTS Card/10 Credits Yes
Out-and-out Atomizer Inflict 25000 Damage 90PTS Large Yes
Doesn’t even hurt Block 50 Damage of your opponents 15PTS 5 Tickets Yes
Not even a scratch Block 250 Damage of your opponents 30PTS 100 BP Yes
Insurmountable obstacle Block 1000 Damage of your opponents 50PTS 10 Tickets Yes
Ultimate Tank Block 2500 Damage of your opponents 100PTS 1000 Clintz Yes

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