• Missions that say "Win X fights by finishing with a knock out from Y" do not require you to play character Y in the round when you get the KO, though it used to be this way. Currently you only need to win with that character and knock out your opponent. There was talk of making two different kinds of KO missions, but this has not happened yet.
  • You must use the Fight Now button to find you match ups for missions to count. As of now, this will work in your guild room, but not in events.
  • If you are doing missions in the Lost Warehouse for a specific character, you cannot have a double in play. If you have a double in play, the missions will not progress.
  • Missions in Solo Rooms will only progress if you have not completed the solo level.
  • A legendary mission in progress can still be finished after the deadline if it has been started.
  • The final legendary mission in a series will reward 10 credits instead if you already have that character.
  • Expired mission details :
    • calculation of the cost in credits (for each mission) : amount of mission points / 10 rounded up
    • the rewards for completing one of those expired missions is : amount of mission points * 10 Clintz

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