Mission Mission requirements Points Award Secret?
Toxic Surprise Inflict 50 Poison Damages 15PTS 5 Tickets Yes
Venomous Betrayal Inflict 250 Poison Damages 30PTS 2 Credits Yes
Sinister Contamination Inflict 1000 Poison Damages 50PTS Card Yes
The Art of Arsenic Inflict 2500 Poison Damages 120PTS 75 Tickets Yes
Bacteriological Warfare Inflict 5000 Poison Damages 250PTS 2500 Clintz Yes
Clever attack Remove 50 life points from your opponents 15PTS 70 Clintz Yes
Unexpected tactics Remove 250 life points from your opponents 30PTS 250 BP Yes
Outflanking the defenses Remove 1000 life points from your opponents 50PTS Card/5 Credits Yes
Wear Them Down Remove 2500 life points from your opponents 120PTS 50 Tickets Yes
A Tax on Life Remove 5000 life points from your opponents 250PTS 2500 Clintz Yes
Dracula Remove 10000 life points from your opponents 300PTS Yes
Reckless young man Lose 10 life by Backlash 10PTS 50 BP No
Daredevil Lose 40 life by Backlash 15PTS 10 Tickets No
Incurable masochist Lose 100 life by Backlash 20PTS 2 Credits No
Suicidal tendencies Lose 250 life by Backlash 30PTS 250 Clintz No
Remorseless Intoxication Take 100 Poison Damage by Backlash 15PTS No

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