Mission Mission requirements Points Award Secret?
Heavy Reinforcements Reach level 5 5PTS Vansaar vansaar.png No
General Mobilization Reach level 10 10PTS Timber timber.png No
The great escape Reach level 15 15PTS Hugo hugo.png No
Shock Treatment Reach level 20 20PTS Bridget bridget.png No
The Path of Patience Reach level 25 25PTS Ashigaru ashigaru.png No
A Shadow in the Night Reach level 30 30PTS Eyrik eyrik.png No
A Reassuring Presence Reach level 35 35PTS Ambre ambre.png No
Botanical Mutation Reach level 40 40PTS Eklore eklore.png No
The Pillz Master Reach level 45 45PTS Morphun morphun.png No
Force Field Reach level 50 50PTS Vholt vholt.png No
Tiebreaker Reach level 60 60PTS Solomon solomon.png No
The Mistress of Time-Space Continuum Reach level 70 70PTS Melody melody.png No
Long Hard Road Out Of Hell Reach level 80 80PTS John Doom johndoom.png No

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