Mission Mission requirements Points Award Secret?
Pillz this way Win 50 Pillz 15PTS 2 Credits Yes
More Pillz equals more Fun! Win 250 Pillz 30PTS 10 Tickets Yes
Non Stop Pillz Win 1000 Pillz 50PTS Card/500 clintz Yes
Pillz Addiction Win 2500 Pillz 120PTS 1000 Clintz Yes
Opponent destabilization Remove 50 Pillz from your opponents 15PTS 70 Clintz Yes
Strategic disruption Remove 250 Pillz from your opponents 30PTS 5 Credits/150 Clintz Yes
Irreversible sabotage Remove 1000 Pillz from your opponents 50PTS Card Yes
Robbery of the Century Remove 2500 Pillz from your opponents 120PTS 1000 Clintz Yes
Robbery of the Millennia Remove 5000 Pillz from your opponents 250PTS Yes
Calculated Risk Lose 10 Pillz by Backlash 10 PTS 50 BP No
It's make or break time Lose 40 Pillz by Backlash 15 PTS 10 Tickets No
Daring Gamble Lose 100 Pillz by Backlash 20 PTS 2 Credits No
Heroic Sacrifice Lose 250 Pillz by Backlash 30 PTS 250 Clintz/3 Credits No

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