Mission Mission requirements Points Award Secret?
First Contact Complete "First Contact" 5PTS 20 Clintz Yes
Welcome Party Complete "Greeting Party" 5PTS 25 BP Yes
New Friends Complete "New Friends" 5PTS 2 Tickets Yes
Welcoming Committee Complete "Welcoming Committee" 5PTS 50 BP Yes
Long Live Sport Complete "Long Live Sport" 5PTS 35 Clintz Yes
Wild Skills Complete "Wild Skills" 5PTS 100 BP Yes
On the Beach Complete "On the Beach" 5PTS 2 Tickets Yes
Explosive Encounter Complete "Explosive Encounter" 5PTS 200 BP Yes
Beware of Poison Complete "Beware of Poison" 10PTS 50 Clintz Yes
Evil Genius Complete "Evil Genius" 10PTS 5 Tickets Yes
Controlled Violence Complete "Controlled Violence" 10PTS 250 BP Yes
Mafia Circus Complete "Mafia Circus" 15PTS 70 Clintz Yes
First Aid Complete "First Aid" 10PTS 1 Credit Yes
Life Force Complete "Life Force" 15PTS 500 BP Yes
Promising Exploits Complete all levels from "Promising Exploits" with all gold medals 20PTS 150 Clintz Yes
Final Exam Complete "Final Exam" 20PTS 100 Clintz Yes
Dangerous Waters Complete "Dangerous Waters" 15PTS 100 Clintz Yes
The Golden Mountain Complete "The Golden Mountain" 20PTS 2 Credits Yes
Organized Crime Complete "Organized Crime" 25PTS 200 Clintz Yes
Restoring Law and Order Complete "Restoring Law and Order" 15PTS 10 Tickets Yes
Urban Attack Complete "Urban Attack" 20PTS 150 Clintz Yes
Private Police Complete "Private Police" 25PTS 250 Clintz Yes
Ambre Gets Sporty Complete "Ambre Gets Sporty" 25PTS 25 Tickets Yes
Violence in Space Complete "Violence in Space" 15PTS 15 Tickets Yes
Natural Alliance Complete "Natural Alliance" 20PTS 15 Tickets Yes
Pillz Factory Complete "Usine à Pillz" 25PTS 3 Credits/500 Clintz Yes
Execution Commando Complete "Execution Commando" 20PTS 200 Clintz Yes
Monstrous Beauty Complete "Monstrous Beauty" 25PTS 500 Clintz Yes
Danger from the Stars Complete "Danger from the Stars" 25PTS 5 Credits Yes
Assault Course Complete all levels from "Assault Course" with all gold medals 25PTS 250 Clintz Yes
Chinese Legends Complete "Chinese Legends" 5PTS 250 BP No
Rigged Bets Complete "Rigged Bets" 5PTS 250 BP No
Cyber Pirates Complete "Cyber Pirates" 5PTS 100 Clintz No
VIP Party Complete "VIP Evening" 5PTS 100 Clintz No
Spatiotemporal Smuggling Complete "Spatiotemporal Smuggling" 5PTS 15 Tickets No
High Society Anger Complete "High Society Anger" 10PTS 15 Tickets No
Monsters and Mutants Complete "Monsters and Mutants" 10PTS 500 BP No
Cosmic Spaghetti Complete "Cosmic Spaghetti" 10PTS 500 BP No
Supernatural Fury Complete "Supernatural Fury" 15PTS 200 Clintz No
Sectarian Aristocracy Complete "Sectarian Aristocracy" 15PTS 200 Clintz No
Sea Creatures Complete "Sea Creatures" 20PTS 25 Tickets No
Viva la famiglia Complete "Viva la famiglia" 20PTS 25 Tickets No
Stand by to board! Complete "Stand by to board!" 25PTS 250 Clintz No
All bets are off Complete "All bets are off" 25PTS 250 Clintz No
The Omega Team Complete all levels from "Omega Team" with all gold medals 30PTS 500 Clintz No
Sea nightmare Complete "Sea Nightmare" 5PTS 250 BP No
Théâtre des Vampires Complete "Théâtre des Vampires" 5PTS 250 BP No
Karate kids Complete "Karate Kids" 5PTS 100 Clintz No
Skool of Peelz Complete "Skool of Peelz" 5PTS 100 Clintz No
Supernatural Fury II Complete "Supernatural Fury II" 10PTS 15 Tickets No
Dark carnival Complete "Dark carnival" 10PTS 15 Tickets No
Zen Police Complete "Zen Police" 10PTS 500 BP No
Shock Nurses Complete "Shock Nurses" 10PTS 500 BP No
Science without conscience Complete "Science without conscience" 15PTS 200 Clintz No
Nightmare Motel Complete "Nightmare Motel" 15PTS 200 Clintz No
Mixed Martial Arts Complete "Mixed Martial Arts" 20PTS 25 Tickets No
Chinatown police Complete "Chinatown police" 20PTS 25 Tickets No
Blood pact Complete "Blood pact" 25PTS 250 Clintz No
Police Academy Complete "Police Academy" 25PTS 250 Clintz No
Sworn enemies Complete all levels from "Sworn enemies" with all gold medals 30PTS 500 Clintz No

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